European Symposium
on Substance Use among Students

The 3rd ESSUS event was held at the University of Bradford between the 7th and 8th of June 2012. An updated conference booklet including abstracts and a delegate list can be accessed here.

A list of the talks presented over the two days is given below. The slides from some of the talks can be accessed by clicking on the presentation title, although please note that for reasons of copyright and publishing issues it has not been possible for all of the presenters to give permission for their slides to made publicly available.

Thursday morning session

The association between educational achievement and alcohol use in university students; findings from the United Kingdom
Associate Professor Christiane Stock, University of Southern Denmark

Is substance abuse in students of tertiary education an indicator of study problems?
Claudia van der Heijde, University of Amsterdam

The influence of academic training and gender on drug use in a Spanish university student population
Veronica Valera Mato, Loughborough University

Exploring Individuals’ Experiences of methoxetamine: An IPA Study
Amy Roberts, Leeds Metropolitan University

The impact of ecstasy/polydrug use on prospective memory in university students
Dr Florentia Hadjiefthyvoulou, Nottingham Trent University

Drinking experiences of first year female students: using narratives to explore the transition to university life
Cheryl Barrass, University of Leeds

Just having the craic? an investigation of the role of alcohol expectancies in, and the phenomenology of, binge drinking patterns & behaviours of Irish undergraduates
Sinead Ni Chaolain, University College Dublin 

Thursday afternoon session

Keynote address: The teenage origins of students' drinking habits

Dr Tomi Lintonen, University of Tampere

Alcohol consumption in British student sports teams
Mattia Rossi, University of Florence/ University of Bradford

Self-regulation skills, alcohol use and polydrug use among university students 
Dr Rene Sebena, Pavol Josef Safarik University in Kosice

Are university students at risk of developing alcohol problems more likely to report risky
sexual behaviour

Ondrej Kalina, Pavol Josef Safarik University in Kosice

Co-occurrence of alcohol misuse and disordered eating in young adults in higher education

Professor Andy Hill, University of Leeds

Substance abuse in students with disabilities in tertiary education in the Netherlands
Claudia van der Heijde, University of Amsterdam

Exploring the alcohol use of students in Wales : a socio-environmental context perspective
Dr Annie Williams, Cardiff University

Friday morning session

Substance and alcohol use, internet addiction, mental stress and sleeping disorders among university students. A survey in Algeria, France and Hungary
Dr Joel Ladner, Rouen University Hospital

Parental proximity and changes in beer drinking between academic year and vacation periods
Johan Rosiers, Association for Alcohol and other Drug Problems

Slovak university students perceptions of alcohol policy on their campuses
Ferdinand Salonna, Pavol Josef Safarik University in Kosice

Social motives for drinking in students should not be neglected in intervention development
Joris Van Damme, University of Ghent

A social norms approach to correct student misperceptions of substance use: What the flock?
Dr Bridgette Bewick, University of Leeds

The social norms approach in 6th Form/FE colleges
Norma Wilburn and Catherine Wilburn, NWA Social and Market Research LTD

Video showcase by Stockton Riverside College and Egglescliffe School students, in conjunction with NWA Social and Market Research LTD - The excellent work of the students can be viewed on the following YouTube sites:

You said

Social norms - Alcohol

Social norms - Sex and relationships

Friday afternoon session

Keynote address: Social norms and student substance use interventions in the USA

Dr Jennifer Bauerle, University of Virginia, Director of National Social Norms Institute

Riding along with a drunk driver: a social norms campaign in Antwerp students
Professor Guido Van Hal, University of Antwerp

Students’ perceptions of substance use amongst their peers
Carolyn Montana, University of Leeds

Student responses to normative feedback regarding alcohol consumption: An experimental study
Sarah Marley, University of Leeds

An exploratory cluster randomised trial of a university halls of residence based social norms intervention in Wales, UK
Dr Graham Moore, Cardiff University

R U Different? A modern and measurable approach to engaging with young people using Social Norms
Gary Lovatt, Social Sense

Development and implementation of a social norms website for the prevention and reduction of legal and illegal drug use in European university and college students: The Social Norms Intervention for the Prevention of Polydrug Use (SNIPE) Study
Dr Claudia Pischke, Bremen Institute for Epidemiology and Prevention Research (BIPS)